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Rachel's Little House is a non-profit facility established under the guidance of Rachel Snyder in 1971 as a mission project of the Presbyterian Women's Association. The Center is under the direction of a Board of Director's, which represents a cross-section of the community with leaders from various professions and expertise. 


The program is designed to meet the needs of the "whole child". This includes the areas of social, physical, emotional, cognitive, creative, and language development. The environment is carefully planned to provide quality care and education for young children. This approach recognizes the uniqueness of each child and provides for individualized experiences to help children reach their maximum potential. Young children learn differently than older children; therefore, young children are given opportunities to:

  • Practice decision-making by selecting activities from a variety of learning centers (books, home-living, discovery, blocks, and manipulatives).

  • Express themselves creatively through art, music, dramatic play, movement, and use of unstructured materials.

  • Develop appropriate concepts and thinking skills through the exploration of a wide variety of concrete materials.

  • Experience warm positive interactions with children and adults.

  • Verbalize feelings in a supportive, accepting environment that encourages independence and self control.

  • Enjoy and participate in language experiences through conversations, stories, puppets, books, songs, discovery play, and creative dramatics.

  • Participate in many physical activities to develop fine and gross motor skills through puzzles, discovery play, arts and crafts, climbing equipment, exercise, tricycles, and balls.


The daily schedule is organized to meet the children's needs for a balance of active and quiet play, large and small group interaction, and indoor and outdoor activities. 


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Hours of Operation

We are open 7:30AM to 6:00PM, Monday through Friday

See our calendar for closed holidays

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