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Tuition Payments

*If you would like online access to Tuition Express, please provide your email to our Director (Laura) and we will email you your login details.*

The fees charged are set where the Center’s income and fundraising efforts offset our monthly expenses for building upkeep, toys, operating supplies, staff and administrative costs. The Center makes every effort to keep rates as low as possible; however, due to rising costs and the Center’s efforts to maintain a quality environment for the children, rates are subject to change. Notification of any changes would be given, in writing, two weeks in advance.

If tuition is not paid in a timely manner following your invoice, your 4 digit access code will be deactivated and care will be suspended until your bill is paid in full. If your 4 digit code is deactivated for non-payment, please push the intercom button to the left of the keypad for assistance. Payment can be made at the director’s office and your access code will be reactivated.

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